Controversial Years at Honeywell
I was lucky to join the first intensive 6-month training named Honeywell TotalPlant Automation Engineering Academy in Ashland (East Kentucky) to be a Project & Applications Engineer. Our division is The Control Systems Consulting of Honeywell Inc., so we were challenged and rewarded. Beside studying Honeywell products (equipments and softwares) and supported Microsoft softwares, we also learned Honeywell GPE & GPM- Global Engineering & Managing Project.

After the training, I was assigned to work at Phillips (66) Petroleum Refinery in Borger (North Texas) where we were upgrading the control systems for its whole plant. I had the opportunity to work with subcontractors on designing, construction, and wiring on the field. I also experienced other interesting work: developing block diagrams for new multi control loops and writing up for documents. I worked there for 7 months, then I came to work at the Houston office. Here, I joined the safety control systems group. With this new assignment, I experienced a complete package of the control [automation] systems, from operations to shutdown (safety) system. Unfortunately, I met with a conflict inside this new group and then I RESIGNED. It ended my career with Honeywell after working for two years. I worked intensively in Ashland, a Tri-State industrial region of East Kentucky and in Borger of North Texas and was in Houston for a short while. I decided to return home to Nashville to be with my parents and consequently lost my chemical engineering opportunities.
with Mom at a Ceremony after the Training
(Honeywell Engineering Academy, Dec. '98)
at Phillips (66) Petroleum Refinery (North Texas)                     (pictured in July '99)
And the Future ...