And the Future ...
with Dad (Vanderbilt, May '98)
When I lost my Honeywell job, I decided to return Nashville to be with my parents and consequently lost my chemical engineering opportunities.

I chose a career in business (MBA) and then changed to dentistry. I am preparing for the admissions to both dental and pharmacy schools on the Fall 2005. After finishing my medical studies, I choose to practice in Nashville, one of the most promising city in America.
Why Should You Obtain a M.S. Degree?
I am very proud for being invited to many campuses so far for a position in the Class of 2009 (both dental and pharmacy). It recognizes an accomplishment as well as gives a hope. As of today (Feb. 15, 2005), I was invited to the following campuses for an interview:

Dental Schools:
           The University of Tennessee at Memphis: ---------------------Nov. 19, 2004
            Meharry Medical College (Nashville, Tennessee): ----------Feb. 18, 2005

Pharmacy Schools:
            South University (Savannah, Georgia): -----------------------Jan. 21, 2005
            Auburn University (Auburn, Alabama): ------------------------Feb. 2, 2005
            Duquesne University (Pittsburgh, PA): ------------------------March 4, 2005
            Howard University (Washington DC): --------------------------March 15, 2005