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combines Modern Medical Treatments with Buddhism Practices
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When people hear the word "cancer", they may think of suffering, disability or hopelessness.

A new observation of medical specialists about cancer disease sheds a light for reseachers working on treatments. That view is observed at The Sarah Cannon Cancer Center in Nashville, Tennessee:      

"Cancer used to be thought of as a terminal illness. However, people are learning to view this disease in a different light. They are learning to live with a chronic disease, to manage symptomatic health problems and treatments, and to live as normal a life as possible. When people hear the word cancer, they may think of suffering, disability or hopelessness. Except in unusual situations, that is not the reality of cancer. Knowledge and understanding can help control your fears about cancer. Fears can be resolved when you understand what to expect: treatments, potential problems, realistic expectations of any discomfort, and how to deal with them."

In the United States, the physicians use the medical treatments of Chemotheraphy and Radiation to remove the cancer cells. However, these methods are good at the early stage of cancer. At the onset stage, the cancer spreads out quickly all over the body, so the methods such as destroy or removal are no longer valid. In such stages, physicians give up the treatment, and  the patients can live within 6 to 9 months. However, there are some cases in which patients can live longer or their diseases disappear. It could be explained and demonstrated by the practice of the healthy lifestyles of Buddhism. At present time, there are no organizations or temples in the world to develop this Buddhism practice widely and professionally.

Our group is planning to provide the cancer care services that combine the Modern Medical Treatments [Biological Therapies] with the Buddhism Practices for the onset stages of cancer. At presence, we are a referral group that is working together with hospitals for medical treatments and working with Buddhism centers for Buddhism Practices. Our working models are look like the ones that are now offered by e+CancerCare but including the Buddhism Practices.

Below is our brainstorm about the Buddhism Practices in treatments of cancer:

- Cleanse organs: Detoxification and regular internal cleansing are essential to your overall health and there is much more to body cleansing and detoxification than simply "colon cleansing". Purging harmful toxins and waste from your entire body can be much more important. Detoxification must be seen as a comprehensive process that involves cleansing all the organ systems - otherwise known as the body's "channels of elimination".

The human body is an amazing organism comprised of billions of cells and tissues that undergo constant renewal. This renewal process is cyclical: Biologists have determined that over a seven-year period, the billions of cells in our body are replaced by billions of new cells. It is believed that every seven years we grow a new body.

Here is an example that has been done in the Buddhism Practices:

          Opera actress Bach Tuyet, PhD +  physician Du Quang Chau (Hong Bang University in Saigon)
                                        Video Interview on YouTube Part 1 , Part 2 , Part 3      
Audio Transcript in English:                    Methods of Cleansing Organs in English
Audio Transcript in Vietnamese:            Methods of Cleansing Organs in Vietnamese

- Healthy eating (diets) for cells being renewal and growing: Understanding that our quality of life is determined by our daily choices, we have the power to improve our health and well-being. Optimum nutrition is a key factor, along with healthy and wise lifestyle choices.

You can boost the fighting power of your immune system with adequate nutritious diet. Your diet, your lifestyle, the way you care for your body all govern your immunity. The immune boosters improve the battle plan by increasing the white cell count in your body and training them to fight better. Some people are naturally blessed with a strong immune system while others have to slog hard for it. There are various tips and tricks to strengthen your immunity and stay sane and healthy all through the year.

- Healthy minds by practicing Meditations, Martial Arts (Japanese) or Yoga: Stronger from "Within" is the best way to boost immunity.

Meditation is the historic foundation practice of Buddhism. It comprises two elements- shamatha (tranquillity) and vipassana (insight). With the former, conditions are created that allow the mind to become quiet, usually by bringing the concentration to bear on a single object, such as the rise and fall of the breath. In vipassana, the mirrorlike mind can now be opened to reflect all that is discernible within. Thus the nature of our human condition is revealed to consciousness.

Martial Art of Japanese such as Aikido or Karate uses your intellectual other than your power to knock out the enemy. It makes you more active and stronger. If your style is not suitable for Martial Arts, especially for the elders, you could choose to practice Yoga.

Here is a sample of Meditation taught by Venerable Thich Nhat Hanh:

      Mindfulness is the energy of being aware and awake to the present moment. It is the continuous practice of touching life deeply in every moment of daily life. To be mindful is to be truly alive, present and at one with those around you and with what you are doing. We bring our body and mind into harmony while we wash the dishes, drive the car or take our morning shower (Exerpted from "Art of Mindful Living")

Meditation Practices Centers
   Desert Zen Center- Chua Thien An:
   Buddhist Education and Information Network (in Australia):
   Kannon Do Zen Meditation Center:
   Dharma Rain Zen Center:
   Talks on Zen Practice by Various Teacher:
   Chapel Hill Zen Center- A Soto Zen Meditation Group:
   Venerable Thich Nhat Hanh:         (Lang Mai)
- "Faith", "Hope", and "Family Surport": Understand that your efforts against your cancer will be paid off. Believe that God will help you at present life or future life. Believe that you have bad Karmas in the previous life, so now you need to do good things.  Having your family 's and friends' supports, you feel stronger in your mind as well as in your body. Reading Bible such as Buddhism, you will learn interesting things in past, present and future that makes you have a strong "Faith". The Buddhism has a forrest of Bible and writtings in English. For your reference, there is an international Buddhism center in Australia broadcasting daily the workship. Its website is (in English) or (in Vietnamese).
- Relax and clean environments such as living near beach or mountain valley: Change your living environment for relax and pleasure, which makes your mind and will stronger and healthier; that is, strong immunity.

                           The outline above is just a brainstorm. We will exploit it later.

Marshall Cancer Research Group

Our works are collecting research papers of cancer that fit to our topic. We consider that a cancer problem could be broken down into smaller problems based on theory and our experiences. We only need to investigate indepth in some problems. We will collabrate with colleges for laboratory or sell our works to pharmaceutical companies. We also receive grants from funds or endowments for our works.

Our main approach to the cancer treatments is based on our body immune system against its non-cells or tumor cells. Other treatments that we also consider for less destruction to our body are diets and healthy mentality such as practicing meditation or yoga of Buddhism.

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