Marshall Cancer Research Group, LLC
combines Modern Medical Treatments with Buddhism Practices
We are a group of scientists working on projects that lead to cure a cancer disease. We don't research on the disease but we do find a treatment. It is either a chemotherapy or a biological therapy of cancer. We target to major groups of cancer: brain, breast, lung, and kidney cancer.

Our main approach to the cancer treatments is based on our body immune system against its non-cells or tumor cells. Other treatments that we also consider for less destruction to our body are diets and healthy mentality such as practicing meditation or yoga of Buddhism.

Our works are collecting research papers of cancer that fit to our topic. We consider that a cancer problem could be broken down into smaller problems based on theory and our experiences. We only need to investigate indepth in some problems. We will collabrate with colleges for laboratory or sell our works to pharmaceutical companies. We also receive grants from funds or endowments for our works.

A new observation of medical specialists about cancer disease sheds a light for reseachers working on treatments. That view is observed at The Sarah Cannon Cancer Center in Nashville, Tennessee:      

"Cancer used to be thought of as a terminal illness. However, people are learning to view this disease in a different light. They are learning to live with a chronic disease, to manage symptomatic health problems and treatments, and to live as normal a life as possible. When people hear the word cancer, they may think of suffering, disability or hopelessness. Except in unusual situations, that is not the reality of cancer. Knowledge and understanding can help control your fears about cancer. Fears can be resolved when you understand what to expect: treatments, potential problems, realistic expectations of any discomfort, and how to deal with them."

The opportunities with a specialization in oncology (cancer) are:
  - a scientific career as considering the cause, expansion, and treatment of the
  - it is not a transmitted disease. It could occur to anyone at any ages, but
normally is inherited.
  - a disease that is publicized. It is well funded including endowments and has a
well recognition.

If you want to join our team or are interested in our works, let us know.