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I immigrated to the United States in 1992 at the age of 20. At the beginning, I overcame many difficulties. I had to work as a labor to stable my family's finance. At the same time, I was eager to know how to get back school and how far I could go. For 6 years, I completed my dream. I graduated from Vanderbilt University (cum laude), an Ivy League and had a job with The Control Systems Consulting of Honeywell Inc. The Vietnamese at large also quickly succeeds in the United States. They gain the respects from the big communities, such as, Chinese and Indian. Graduating Valedictory from a high school is common to Vietnamese. They succeeded in the fields that are hard to believe, such as, Kathleen Tran won Rhodes Scholar (2002) and Dat Nguyen was Linebacker of Dallas Cowboys (since 1999).
Bloomington, Indiana (2002)- Kathleen Tran, a senior majoring in music and biochemistry at Indiana University Bloomington, was named Saturday (Dec. 7) as a Rhodes Scholar.
Tran's connections with the university run deep. Her father, Lanh Tran, is a professor of Mathematics at IUB, and her mother, Sam Tran, is a systems analyst with the IUB registrar's office. Kathleen's father and mother came to this country from Vietnam in 1964 and 1972, respectively, and met in California. Her brother Andrew attends the IU School of Medicine; Kathleen plans to attend medical school following her studies at Oxford.
Cowboys Linebacker Dat Nguyen to 6-Year Deal
by Ray Philpott
Date: April 16, 2002
Cowboys' linebacker Dat Nguyen agreed to a six-year contract worth $13 millions today. With his signing Dallas now has four unrestricted free agents left. "I'm excited because Dat brings an awful lot to the table from a competitive standpoint," said Cowboys coach Dave Campo ...

with Eric Chen, a Rhodes Scholar at Oxford                (Vanderbilt, May '98)
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