Raised in Hue- a historical imperial city of Vietnam and grew up in Saigon- a dynamic business & political city.
I had a joyful childhood. In Hue, we lived right at the railway station when the train was a main transportation for travel and business. Later, I moved to Saigon then I could concentrate in studying and outside of classroom, I helped my dad run our business. My dad was an educator and a lawyer turning to a businessman; therefore, it was interesting to be around him.

Our business in Saigon was in large scale. We made carrying bags for students and workers. We handled from materials and supplies to finished products. Our products were distributed over Saigon, Cholon, and the southern. We managed 5 employees and collected products from other small owners. We even had business with the Chinese Vietnamese businessmen in Cholon, who were significant players in the market of the Southern Vietnam.

In 1989, we joined the newspaper industry. The world politics changed rapidly in the begining of 1990s. Germany united. The communism in the Eastern Europe was dissolved. The Soviet Union failed. The Gulf Coast War. In Vietnam, the newspaper industry was booming. Many types of newspaper was created. They were: The Saigon Times- an English version, Nguoi Lao Dong "The Labor Union", Kien Thuc Ngay Nay "Modern Knowledge", Muc Tim "Seventeen Magazine", ... We openned a magazine store in a busy area (next to GiaLong High School) and also was a wholesale. We just established ourselves in the newspaper industry, then we had a "Call" to immigrate to the United States in August 1992.
Immigrated to United States
   Doctor of Pharmacy- Mercer c/o 2002
Mom with younger sister Cindy Ngan-Ha