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  Marshall Cancer Research Group, LLC
combines Modern Medical Treatments with Buddhism Practices
Our founder is Mr. Winston Vo. Mr. Vo was a Chemical Process Control Engineer of Honeywell Inc. in Houston, Texas. He graduated cum laude (ranked 98 out of 303 graduating engineers) with a Bachelor of Engineering degree in Chemical Engineering and Applied Mathematics (double majors) from Vanderbilt University. He currently is a graduate student in Environmental Engineering at The Johns Hopkins University in Maryland.

Mr. Vo first involved in cancer research as he attended the cancer conference at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center where he was working as a Pharmacy Intern. He recognized that all research papers presented here are derived from an immunology subject where our body's self-defense system is capable against its non-cells and tumor cells. He immediately formed a Cancer Research Group that collects all research papers that fit its works. Later, he involved in the Buddhism Practices that open new opportunities in the cancer research.

Mr. Vo was kicked out of the Doctor of Pharmacy program at Duquesne University in May 2006 after failing too many courses. His projects on cancer research as well as medication therapy management (MTM) were interrupted. There are two main reasons for this failure. The first, he accepted a full-time pharmacy intern job at a top notch hospital university (UPMC South Side) just two weeks before the final exams. The second,  he was injured in the back (at lumbar) because of carrying out the IV solution box without using cart at midnight, which resulted in therapy for a few weeks in the final weeks of the second semester. His cases were not considered by the Standing Committee which dismissed him from its Doctor of Pharmacy program. Here is a letter to his professor- Dr. Shane Desselle, who is also the Founding Editor of the Research in Social & Administrative Pharmacy Journal. He expressed his views on many areas of American Healthcare Systems at that time.

A letter to Dr. Shane Desselle:  Click here   American Heathcare Systems Course for Pharmacists

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