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Our founder- Mr. Winston Vo, introduces a new book that accounts the lessons learned from people living with cancer. This book is edited in 2009 by physician- Dr. Bernie Siegel and Newpaper writer- Jennifer Sander. 

"Faith, Hope, and Healing: Inspiring Lessons Learned from People Living with Cancer" by physician- Dr. Bernie Siegel, and Newspaper writer- Jennifer Sander

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons, Inc.  (New Jersey, USA) 

ISBN: 978-0-470-28901-3 (in 2009)

About Bernie Siegel, MD-
Dr. Siegel speaks and runs workshops across the country and is devoted to humanizing medical care and medical education. His books Love, Medicine, and Miracles; Peace, Love, and Healing; and How to Live between Office Visits are classics in the field of healing.

For more than twenty years, Dr. Siegel has been educating cancer patients on the importance of the spiritual life in facing and recovering from cancer. In Faith, Hope, and Healing, he helps you learn from experiences of others how to recognize the disease as a wake-up call that leads you to seek nourishment for yourself and your life, start building a more authentic and fulfilling today, and keep it going for many years to come.

About Jennifer Sander-
Ms Sander has her writings featured on CNBC, CNN, The View, USA Today, Fortune Small Business, and Fox News, among other media outlets.
Authors' Introduction
One lesson learned: My Healing Journey written by Lynne Zeller (a cancer patient) with a comment from Dr. Siegel
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Other Experiences in Buddhism Practices:
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The cancer patient- Alison Kelly, is a pychotherapist in Dublin, Ireland.

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