EVERGREEN Medication Counseling Services
"You use drug to treat disease; you need vitamin to enrich your health." Here, we provide the medication therapy management service. This service consists of:
- Advising dosage of medication, including vitamin.

- Identifying potential and actual drug related problems.

- Resolving actual drug related problems.

- Preventing potential drug related problems.
We acknowledge that it is hard to get on phone with a physician. We use other means to communicate with the physician such as faxing and mailing. After we review your medication and disease information, we will write an indepth report of our medication treatment plan for you and then we will send it to your physician. Upon receiving our report, your physician will response in a time frame depending on the seriousness of the treatment.   
Fee: Upon receiving your patient's information, we will have a brief review on it. If we admit you, we will let you know your fee. Normally, the fee is scheduled as Nutition: $200; Regular Medication: $500; and Complex Medication: $1,500. The consultation is completed as your medication and dosage are settled down. We allow you to complete it in 3 months.
Our Services
(Services are offered on web or in clinic)
Our founder, Winston Vo, is pictured with other two pharmacy colleagues at Duquesne University: Oanh Nguyen (left) and Anh Tran (center)