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Indoor Air Quality Monitoring- An Opportunity

The air in house is contained and the ventilation is needed to circulate the air. However, the pollutants still exist, as the circulation and filter are not efficient and your garden where the air exchanges is polluted. As we see or taste it, it becomes worse to your health.

In the market, there are a few companies for this issue. However, they are in charge partially either testing or monitoring but don't give the solving (clean up). The companies that provide our air conditioner (HVAC) services  don't participate in this cleaning process.

They didn't get attention from public about this issue. Their marketing strategy is a failure. I didn't know this issue until recently I took a course- Air Resources Modeling and Management as a part of my master degree.

There are two companies whose services meet this issue; however, they have limitations.
- Home Air Check: takes and analyzes samples but doesn't come up a solution. It sells the kits through Amazon. It doesn't sound a good marketing.
- Calright Instruments Inc., is a test and measurement instrument provider. Its quality air control gets lost in a bunch of other fields.
- The companies that maintain your HVAC in your local don't provide a sound right solution for air polutions.

Our Wish Lists:
Call investors to establish a complete solution package for the Air Quality Control at house from detecting to solving. Home Air Check is able to test and analyze it but it doesn't market well.